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    What has prompted my curiousity was receiving an Optima Computers flyer in my weekend paper, and hearing today of huge profit turnarounds for Intel and IBM.

    Now I'm wondering if Optima has also experienced a similar turnaround story. They seem to be a well managed firm with admirable success for a small home grown firm that only went public a year and a bit ago.

    They gained a backdoor listing by being taken over by a computer service company named IOCOM, who would have failed if they hadn't taken on board Optima's managment. IOCOM's business of managing SME's computer systems probably started a bit prematurely because that seems to be all the rage presently. Businesses just cannot afford to have computers down, nor can they chance the breach of security when bundling their failed machines off to some Mr. Fix-it's shop.

    OPI last traded just under book value at .12 cents

    That's what I know so far,
    More info would be much appreciated.....
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Currently unlisted public company.

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