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    DEBKAfile reveals: Saddam Hussein has moved to Libya with Qusay – Uday stays on in Minsk. They are banking on civil strife restoring their regime in Baghdad

    As goodwill gesture ahead of Aqaba summit, Israel Satu*rday midnight eases closures on West Bank and Gaza Strip, allows 25,000 Palestinians to cross into Israel for jobs and business

    Israeli armed forces thwart three major Palestinian car bomb attacks in Israel, act in time to apprehend several would-be suicide bombers - Mofaz reports to cabinet Sunday

    Abbas expects Hamas and Jihad Islami acceptance of ceasefire within 20 days but makes no mention of Arafat's al Aqsa Suicide Brigades.

    Read DEBKAfile Special Report on the expectations of three terror masters

    Iran transfers al Qaeda rank and file to Chechnya, continues to harbor commanders - DEBKA- Net-Weekly’s Exclusive Sources

    Read DNW Excerpt with DEBKAfile Special Report below

    OC Israeli Northern Command Gen. Gantz warns slightest spark could ignite Lebanese-Syrian border. Hizballah’s potential threat is immediate.

    Contrary to reports from Damascus, Syria and Iran expand military presence in S. Lebanon where Hizballah also fully deployed. Israeli army also closely watching Syrian army whose military capabilities impressive

    Bush in reconciliation meeting with Putin at St. Petersburg Sunday, before both fly to French spa town of Evian for G-8 summit, to which Chirac also invited leaders of 12 developing nations.

    This is US president’s first visit to France since break with Chirac over Iraq War. In Krakow Sat*urday, Bush unveiled Proliferation Security Initiative to permit seizure and search of planes and ships suspected of carrying illegal weapons and missile technology.

    US expands search for hitherto elusive bio-chemical weapons in Iraq, naming army Major Keith Dayton to head enlarged team of American, British and Australian experts.

    Amid tight security, defense ministers from Asian-Pacific region meet in Singapore to discuss grave terror concerns and Korean Peninsula tensions. US dep. Defense secy Wolfowitz denied Pentagon plans to move US troops from Okinawa to Australia.
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