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    Diamond Activities - Update

    Document date: Mon 09 Sep 2002 Published: Mon 09 Sep 2002 11:08:45
    Document No: 222634 Document part: A
    Market Flag: Y
    Classification: Progress Report

    HOMEX - Perth


    * 6,448 commercial size diamonds have been recovered from the sorting
    of 566 tonnes of crater infill sediments from the Sepelt 1 pipe, with
    grades up to 44 cpht. A further 600 tonnes awaiting diamond recovery.

    * 130 tonnes of Seppelt 1 macrocrystic kimberlite and 190 tonnes of
    overlying deeply weathered kimberlite have been processed with
    concentrates dispatched to Striker's Perth Laboratory for diamond

    * 150 tonne of macrocrystic kimberlite excavated and awaiting
    processing from the Seppelt 2 kimberlite.

    * Further sub-outcrop and float found associated with the Beagle
    kimberlite located 10 km north Ashmore.

    * Three magnetic 'bulls eye' anomalies at Collison ready for drill
    testing. Soil geochemistry supports possible kimberlite from two of
    the targets ranging in size up to 300m in diameter.

    * Follow-up of a 1.73 ct gem quality diamond continuing with the
    focus being on the northern tributary of the drainage.

    * Reconnaissance exploration continuing with some 400 samples
    collected to date, and 316 line km of ground geophysics completed.

    * De Beers Multi-Spectral Scanner survey of 1,725 sqkm in addition to
    aeromagnetic surveys were completed in two areas totalling 100 sqkm.

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