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    Cellectricon AB and Axon Instruments Collaborate on New Transfection Technology Union City, CA. and Gothenburg, Sweden, 8 October 2003: Swedish biotech tools company Cellectricon announced today that it has licensed Axon Instruments (Union City, CA) to have sole access to Cellectricon’s patented electroporation technology. Under the terms of the agreement, Axon Instruments will incorporate the licensed technology into their new Axoporator line of products, used for rapid internalization of DNA, drugs and large molecules into cells. Jakob Lindberg, Cellectricon CEO, explained, “We are thrilled to see Axon Instruments incorporating our technology, and we see this agreement as the start of a long-lasting and successful relationship with Axon. The agreement demonstrates the strength of Cellectricon’s extensive and solid patent portfolio and supports Cellectricon’s strategy to out-license parts of our intellectual property, as we are committed to providing high-throughput cell-based assays to our customers.” The agreement includes undisclosed license fees and future royalties. Axon Instruments’ CEO Alan Finkel added, “Transfection techniques such as electroporation are an important part of modern molecular biology, particularly in stem-cell research and genomics. As these research areas grow they require more sophisticated transfection tools. The Axoporator instrument targets single cells, and so can be used for more complex and refined experiments than traditional electroporators. It is the first of a new generation of transfection products that will provide researchers unprecedented ability to modify single cells.” Electroporation is a technique by which DNA, RNA, proteins, dyes, drugs and other large molecules are inserted directly into cells. An electrical discharge is applied to the cells to transiently break down the cell membrane, creating small holes called electropores. An electropore can stay open for several minutes during which time the molecules pass into the cell. After the electropores close, cells can function normally. In single-cell electroporation, molecules are introduced to individual, selected cells. This is important for applications where only a small number of cells are available, the researcher wants to target specific cells, or when the molecules of interest are rare and valuable. Cellectricon’s technology makes single-cell electroporation practical and easy, because it has much higher success rates and survival rates than traditional electroporation techniques.
    About Cellectricon Cellectricon AB, ( is a Swedish biotechnology tools company that develops microfabricated cell-based tools for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Cellectricon has successfully launched its first product DynaflowTM, an ion-channel drug-screening device, which has already been adopted by major pharmaceutical companies. Cellectricon works at the interface between microtechnology and biology, inventing products that will allow productivity increases primarily in the drug discovery process. The company was formed in 2000 based on an extensive and solid patent portfolio within different areas such as high-throughput electrophysiology, patch clamping, microfluidics, microfabrication, and electroporation. Cellectricon is a privately held company. The main shareholders are Investor Growth Capital, Innovationskapital, and Karolinska Investment Fund. About Axon Instruments Axon Instruments, Inc., ( located in Union City, California and Melbourne, Australia, was founded in 1983. It produces a broad spectrum of instrumentation and software for cellular neurosciences, genomics, and cell-based screening. In cellular neurosciences and genomics, Axon is widely recognized as one of the world’s pre-eminent manufacturers of drug discovery instrumentation. The company’s goal is to produce a range of superior yet affordable instrument and software systems for drug discovery aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies, and academic researchers. Axon Instruments is a California corporation listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (symbol: AXN.AX). Contact Details: Cellectricon AB Axon Instruments Jakob Lindberg CEO Phone: + 46 70 569 5471 [email protected] Al Walter Product Line Manager Phone: +1 510 675 6281 [email protected] Susanne Orwar Communications Manager Phone: +46 31 760 35 15 [email protected]
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