More feedback on new site

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    OK I love the potential, and the speed!

    My points...

    1) A big weakness with current ASX-by stock is that clicking on the subject column header does in fact sort the posts by subject, but it should sort by CODE. If you do this you really don't need a search facility at all.

    2) Many of us have only ever used one view either 'message board' or 'latest (recent) posts'. It is obvious that many people were confused with the new system by finding themselves in the view they were not used to. This needs to be explained again in big letters, i.e. that there are two views.

    3) In Message Boards - as everyone else has said, I hope it is being changed so that when you click on a + to expand a topic, it happens a) without moving your location back to the top (obviously no good and I assume is being modified), and b) instantly (this can be done by downloading all topic headings with original download, even if they are not displayed). Alternatively, you could give a choice of downloading topics open or closed.

    4) In Latest Posts - PLEASE give us:

    a) the page number selection at the bottom of the page
    b) choice of how many message headers to download per page. I'd much rather load 100 messages in 5x the time than have to click wait click wait for each page of 20.
    d) highlight the currently selected page number stronger so it is more obvious.

    5) I suggest that ASX general and by stock be mixed again so we con't have to trawl through two separate lists. Very easy to do and all you need to do is identify the general ones by their own special "stock code" like "AAA". OK, bad choice, how about "General"?

    6) very fine otherwise, I love the speed and responsiveness.
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