more evidence against the saudis?

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    And to think they (Saudis) are the staunchest allies of the US amongst all Arab nations.

    The plot sickens:

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    Saudis funded Bali bomb claim


    AN American lawyer has claimed he has proof that money from Saudi Arabia was used to fund terrorist cells involved in the Bali bombing.

    Washington-based Allan Gerson - who is leading a bid on behalf of September 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabian banks, charities and royal family members – said today he had evidence to show Saudi Arabians gave money to terrorists in Europe who made trips to Bali.
    Dr Gerson said it was likely the European cells also helped fund the Bali attack, which killed about 190 people including 88 Australians.

    "When we looked at the actual evidence, we found out, to our surprise, how vast the network of support was, it extended way beyond cells in Europe to cells in Bali," Dr Gerson told ABC radio.

    "I discovered that connection to the Bali bombing.

    "We have seen evidence of money that went from Saudi sources, that went through the medium of various entities in Europe, to support terrorists cells there that also ... ended up in Bali because of the active intervention of entities with close ties to the Saudis."

    Dr Gerson said he could not reveal too many details because his evidence had been uncovered through judicial co-operation with European nations.

    He said the money from Saudi Arabia went to terrorists connected with that country.

    "Some of the money they provided and support and physical presence we have reason to believe ... that there was that Bali connection," Dr Gerson said.

    "The same operators in Europe actually made trips to Bali and we have good reason to believe that there was also financial transfers.

    "I have come across evidence that shows you can connect the dots between terror cells in Europe that received financing from individuals and entities in Saudi Arabia.

    "Those terrorists cells in Europe definitely had connections with Bali."

    He said the ties between terrorist cells around the world was troublesome.

    "The spread of the philosophy of global Jihad is alarming and it's very extensive," Dr Gerson said.

    Dr Gerson is a former prosecutor of Nazi war criminals and represented many of the families of the victims of the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, in their claims against the Libyan government.

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