more customers more loss?

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    HAd a look into NCA got a couple of questions for supporters.

    They made a whopping loss last financial year, 23m or so?

    The loss from ordinary activities was up 52 % and the first reason they mention is due to increased customers. I could be missing somethign but shouldn't new customers mean a reduction in the loss? Isnt this saying each new customer adds to the loss?

    Secondly the Voice Over Internet announcement (VOIP). VOIP has been around for a long long time, and its got problems. FI i want to talk over the internet I just have to go down to harvery norman and buy a micophone and download the software for free. What is new that the company bringing?

    I want to be interested in this compnay, but it does't make sense financially to me. It makes a huge lkoss, its losses increase with increased customers, its announcing technology with no specifics on what is needs to be explained.
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