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    i have just posted the following as a reply to another post, with respoect to another company - but it is relevant to rtl shareholders

    i have a copy of page 48, from the west australian newspaper - and from that i will quote the following

    "the federal government has committed $17.5m for its retractable needle and syringe technology innitiative which is aimed at finding a device for illicit drug users ........... ........
    ritract, claims to be one of two companies that has met the governments criteria"

    "the above is all very interesting, but i do not believe that ritract is telling everything. i will not make argument with the claim made by ritract - however, a google search with respect to the government programme is interesting - and i quote the following (ref http://www.health.gov.au/pubhlth/strateg/needle/)

    "In August 2003, the Department invited manufacturers and suppliers of retractable technology to provide additional information to the Department including samples of products and or devices. The process aimed to identify suitable products and/or devices for use in Pilot Studies with injecting illicit drug users through participating primary Needle and Syringe Programs. It was not a request for tender and the documentation clearly stated that the Australian Government would not endorse any products through the process. Submissions to the Department closed 19 September 2003.

    Devices satisfying Therapeutic Goods Administration regulatory requirements, and listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods within a suitable time frame, may be considered for use in the Pilot Studies at a later date"

    i see that from todays report, that ritract expect to get TGA (ie Therapeutic Goods ) approval in july 2004. what is blatantly clear, is that at this moment of time, ritract has no production, and has not registered with TGA. given that the government is already trialing some products, the products being trialed, have no doubt got a head start on ritract

    i believe that it is a bit misleading to simply state that ritract claims to be one of two companies to meet the governments criteria. i would tend to think that ritract are not privy to any information, about competing products, which are presently being trialed by the government
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