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    Thanks gareth, was just reading some articles myself about this. I started to go back over others also and the links are below. Quite shocking really but we know the Government are making changes with regards to these matters and ordering many companies to either shut down or merge with larger companies that will spend money on safety, a lot of these are IDL's customers.

    Same accident:§ionid=3510212

    Coal mining accidents continue in China with a latest explosion killing 12 in the north of the country, according to local authorities.

    The blast occurred at the Donggou coal mine in the city of Jiexiu in Shanxi province late Sunday, Xinhua news agency reported.

    A spokesman for the local work safety administration said the incident happened after workers violated safety rules. The blast also injured four other coal miners.

    After another explosion on Monday, rescuers were working to locate 11 trapped workers at the Malishu coal mine in southwest Yunnan province.

    The mining industry in China is the world's deadliest with most accidents blamed on poor safety as enterprises scramble to feed the country's insatiable demand for coal.

    Last month, 108 miners were killed in a mine blast in northeast China. It was the country's deadliest mining accident in two years.

    Other report for same accident )people arrested):

    China's crack down on the industry:

    I see an alarming need for safety here and IDL are perfectly positioned for this, I guess Blackrock are seeing the same thing!!

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