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    U.S., U.K. angry over PA over supervision of terror operatives

    By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent

    Officials from the United States and Britain have
    clashed during the past week with Palestinian
    Authority representatives over supervision of
    terror operatives being held in the PA's Jericho

    The Americans and British are
    furious about lax enforcement
    in the facility. The
    Palestinians have provided
    relatively comfortable
    conditions to the inmates, and
    allowed them to communicate
    freely with the outside world.

    For more than a year, Fuad

    Shubeiki, who handled finances in the PA
    security apparatus, and four members of the
    Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
    (the organization's secretary-general, Ahmad
    Sa'adat, and three men who were implicated in
    the murder of Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi)
    have been held at the Jericho facility.

    The five were moved to the Jericho prison as a
    result of Israel's siege on Arafat's Muqata
    compound in Ramallah, during the Israel Defense
    Forces Operation Defensive Shield. U.S.
    officials served as mediators while the
    transfer was arranged.

    Under the agreement, American and British
    officials were to have loosely defined,
    "external" supervisory powers, whereas
    substantive, "close" supervision authority
    would rest with Palestinian officials.

    According to Israeli security sources, outgoing
    PA Security Affairs Minister Mohammed Dahlan
    recently eased supervision of the prisoners.
    The five live today in what the sources call a
    "revolving door" prison. A large number of
    their telephone calls are unmonitored, and they
    are apparently allowed to leave the prison

    Israeli officials believe Dahlan has introduced
    these lax procedures in an effort to win the
    support of PA Chairman Yasser Arafat. Dahlan is
    worried he will be left out of the new Abu Ala
    government, and thus find himself in the
    political wilderness, the Israeli sources

    The Americans are concerned the Palestinians
    might release the five prisoners. Should they
    do so, the U.S. officials fear, Israel might
    target the five for assassination strikes - a
    development that could spark escalating

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