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    Africans Must Resolve to Re-Take Their Economies - Mathema
    The Post (Lusaka)

    May 24, 2003
    Posted to the web May 24, 2003

    Larry Moonze

    AFRICANS must resolve to re-take their economies, Zimbabwean High Commissioner to Zambia Cain Mathema has said.

    Speaking yesterday ahead of the African Freedom Day that falls tomorrow, High Commissioner Mathema said the fight for economic empowerment was more difficult than the struggle for political independence.

    "African Day is a day we look to the future. Political independence was the greatest achievement against slavery and racism and a first phase of freedom," High Commissioner Mathema said.

    "We are preparing now for the next phase which is economic liberation. Africans have to own our economy and resources of Africa." High Commissioner Mathema said economic liberation was dangerous because Westerners were determined to retain control of Africa's economies.

    He said this was evident by the unending wars on continent. High Commissioner Mathema said Africans must remain steadfast in fighting invaders.

    "In Zimbabwe we have an opposition party openly funded by Britain to champion goals of a coloniser and Zimbabweans are fighting each other at the expense of national development," he said.

    High Commissioner Mathema said the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) like in many other African states was not a creation of Africans but "those stooges" of imperialists.

    "Among us there will be people bought by the West to fan divisions. The more divided we are, the more happy colonisers are," High Commissioner Mathema said. "These people are vicious, we have to be vigilant because none of Africa will be given any independence on gratis."

    High Commissioner Mathema said as nations remembered their heroes and heroines on Sunday, political independence without Africans owning resources, economies and business would remain flag independence. He said Africa's economy was still in the hands of colonisers.

    "The same colonisers led by John Cecil Rhodes, those that declared UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) led by Ian Smith control and own our economies now under neo-colonialism," High Commissioner Mathema said.

    "The call is rise up each African country on the path to economic empowerement because there is no way we can talk of development in Africa without knowing who owns and controls the economy."

    High Commissioner Mathema said a culture of revival must emerge to fight neo-colonialism in which multi-national companies in the name of IMF/World Bank led privatisation milked away Africa's resources. He said there was no way Africa could develop through aid.

    High Commissioner Mathema said Africa was and is being colonised through foreign direct investment (FDI). He said huge profits and dividends were siphoned out of African economies leaving no funds for medicines, research and promotion of indigenous people. "This May 25, we need to see a new science based on owning African economy. An art to revive the liberation struggle of this subtle colonisation," he said. High Commissioner Mathema said privatisation now on must transfer ownership of companies to nationals and not foreigners.

    He said the state, just like in the USA, Britain, Malaysia and China, should remain a shareholder in the economy but should allow parastatals to run commercially. And Russian President Vladmir Putin in a message to President Levy Mwanawasa yesterday, congratulated African leaders ahead of the commemoration of the Africa Freedom Day which falls tomorrow.

    He noted that four decades ago, African people had made their choice for liberty, peace and independence, and emerged as full members of the international community.

    "In the years ever since the countries of Africa have made a marked contribution to the resolution of the key problems of the present, strengthening of partnership of building of a just world, based on absolute priority of international law," President Putin's statement read in part. He stated that his government welcomed the African continent's efforts on strengthening its stability, creating conditions for sustainable socio-economic development.

    "We hope the practical activities of the African Union, enhancement of the integration processes at the sub-regional level will contribute to the realisation of these large scale goals," Putin stated. He pledged Russia's commitment, together with G8 partners and international organisations, to continue assisting African countries in the implementation of the New Partnership for Africa's Development.

    He further expressed optimism that the recently re-activated Russian-African political dialogue, the successful development of mutually beneficial trade among other initiatives would help achieve the full realisation of the current rich partnership. -JK/FM

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