Montana's glaciers are still there ..... a miracle

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    " (CNN)The signs at Glacier National Park warning that its signature glaciers would be gone by 2020 are being changed.The signs in the Montana park were added more than a decade ago to reflect climate change forecasts at the time by the US Geological Survey, park spokeswoman Gina Kurzmen told CNN.In 2017, the park was told by the agency that the complete melting off of the glaciers was no longer expected to take place so quickly due to changes in the forecast model, Kurzmen said. But tight maintenance budgets made it impossible for the park to immediately change the signs. "

    If a forecast model is infallible and you change it then does that mean it was never infallible or is it a miracle?

    They have no choice. We are dealing with the Western version of the stalinised science of Lysenko who ran soviet science for decades.

    It doesn't matter how they spin it, the infallible models are false. Meanwhile they continue to threaten to shut down any dissenting voices. Fake science trolls are even claiming that those dissenting voices are extremists. About time the real extremists faced the music.
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