Monis partner, Droudis protected by magistrate

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    From Channel 9 News just now.

    Police requested DNA samples from her in their efforts to prove her link to the murder of Monis wife, but the magistrate has ruled against this. Unbelievable and who is paying for her to have a barrister representing her? The mug taxpayer's of Australia.

    What a disgusting outcome. It would appear that our judicial system is being run by the voice of treason. You would think that now that the judiciary has been directly affected by the loss of one of their own that things might have changed, but no we get this result. No wonder the country is going down the drain at a rate of knots.

    If the woman was innocent she would be wanting to give a sample for DNA testing to prove her innocence.

    All my relatives who fought for our country to retain its sovereignty in both world wars must be turning in their graves at the way things are now in this country.
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