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    Angus Young from AC/DC snubbed iTunes in 2008:

    AC/DC's Angus Young on Snubbing iTunes: "We Don't Make Singles, We Make Albums"
    Rollingstone 2008-09-25

    Fast forward to today:

    After steadfastly refusing to release their music on the Internet for years, Australian rock legends AC/DC have changed their tune. Columbia Records and Apple have announced that he band's entire catalogue, from the 1976 debut High Voltage to 2008 comeback album Black Ice, can be downloaded via online store iTunes.

    The members of AC/DC, who signed a multi-album long-term deal with Columbia in 2002, have long argued that letting consumers cherry-pick hits would diminish the integrity of their albums.

    However, with CD sales continuing to fall - especially in AC/DC's biggest market, the US - the veteran rockers have joined the vast majority of the music industry in cyberspace.

    Page 3 The West Australian Nov 21 2012


    It's ok to be a snob in the music world when the good times are rolling, but never forget the hands that feed you, your fans. Has AC/DC not heard that the customer is always right?

    It's a know fact that rarely is an album 100% 'gold,' it usually contains some fodder to make up the song quota.

    I also believe they don't lend their material to commercials. I'm not sure if the Holden ute 'Thunder struck' promo was a way around copyright, or once again, AC/DC swallowed their 'integrity' and came to their $en$e$'s a long way to go to the shop if you can't afford a sausage roll...LOL

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