money/gold for jam-where is amory??

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    Sunday, October 24, 2004, 7:51:00 PM EST

    Special Offer For Members Only

    Author: Jim Sinclair

    You know that I firmly believe the price of gold will be moving significantly higher. I also know that Monex feels the same way. So in discussions with Mr. Carabini and Mr. Hodges at Monex, we have made an agreement to benefit you but not me.

    Monex and I will share the risk of a unique transaction that will allow those who are not large investors to own real gold coins without risk up to March 15, 2005.

    On Friday, October 22nd I executed a sworn affidavit (see copy) that states that I receive no commission, paybacks, expense reimbursements or have any discount relationship whatsoever with Monex. As a result, I will have no financial benefit from this transaction, directly, indirectly or tangentially.

    I will personally share the risk with Monex on a 50/50 basis without any benefit accruing to me. Please note that I will take no offense to anyone that wishes a copy of this affidavit mailed to them.

    I am doing this because I believe in gold as a currency and genuinely want to give to you rather than take something from you.

    No Risk Guarantee By Monex With Jim Sinclair Accepting Half The Risk:

    1. Product: Vienna Philharmonic 1 ounce gold coin.
    2. Quantity: Maximum of 20 coins per reader.
    3. Exclusive: In North America, call 1-800-200-4454 which is reserved for members of only. Outside North America, please call 949-752-1400 Ext. 2280. Please note that we will check to make sure you are a subscriber to which incidentally is FREE.(How easy can we make it????)
    4. Time Limitation: Purchases from today through October 31, 2004.
    5. Payment: Remit funds after placing order and take personal delivery.
    6. No Risk Guarantee: Members of may sell back to Monex these coins at their original purchase price on March 15th, 2005 only regardless of what the market price for gold is. Of course if gold is up you have no reason or obligation to sell them back. The only obligation lies with Monex to buy back these coins at your purchase price on March 15, 2005. Should this cause Monex a loss, I will accept 50% of that loss.

    There are no catches here. This is straight forward and the offer is made for the reasons stated above.

    Once again the phone numbers are as follows:

    Inside North America please call: 1-800-200-4454

    Outside North America please call: 949-752-1400 Ext. 2280

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