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Monday April 29 - Homer Day

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    SPI Futures traded in a very small 14 point range Friday night, with a high of 6370, low of 6356 and a close on Saturday morning of 6366, down 2 points on lowish volume of 7,393 contracts. I wont calculate R and S levels today because of the small range. Gap up at 82 which I think will fill this morning, then down at 6365 and 6361 from Friday night and then the first lower one after that is 6337 and then a fairly long list below that. DOW up .31 pct, SNP up .47 pct and Canada (resource driven) up .23 pct. VIX down 3.92 pct to 12.73.  Long list of gaps on the downside, and getting close to "Sell in May and stay away".. Humm. ES opened with a gap down which filled and there is still one on the downside to go (the blue line). Have a nice day.




    Today in 2018, The animated series "The Simpsons" surpassed Gunsmokes 635 episode count, to have the highest episode count of any series on TV. Way to go Homer. Get ya a Duff beer for that one.

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