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momentum swinging up slightly..

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    not many people like this one, but hey thats life.
    just running through a few things on my chart.
    the past few months have been terrible. but wait one second there is good good news.
    indicators are just showing that since the beginning of october things are slowly moving in the right direction (slightly upward) this doesnt mean that you run out and buy shares.
    i have read as much as i can about (cbd) whilst their past has been extremly poor they have had many changes in the past few months (getting rid of some directors) has been one good thing.
    i will leave it to you too do some research etc. some sucsess stories should be just around the corner.
    it has been a rough ride for shareholders over the past few months but those who have held on, i believe will be rewarded in the near future (could be a week or could be a month from now, things are falling into place).
    goodluck to all shareholders, im holding onto my shares very tightly, very big returns for those who do..


    as always caution is the name of the game.......
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