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    Whilst whiling away my time today ready company reports (especially PEN) the last ann of Pen offered a little snippet about the possibly of a huge Mo asset, let alone the high grade uranium displayed at Karoo.

    Yes let's focus on Karoo for a bit then a wee dream I have on on Raki Raki.

    Consider this statement in the last PEN announcement of 12/11...

    The variability in the Mo grades from the limited initial sampling is not surprising as molybdenum is usually located slightly above or offset from the uranium mineralisation in this style of deposit in the Karoo, and therefore sampling higher radiogenic material will underestimate the Mo potential. This makes the assay of two samples with Mo grades in excess of 1,000ppm very encouraging. Detailed sampling followed by drilling will define the location and tenure of the Mo mineralisation at each anomalous zone.

    It is becoming obvious to me that Mo is going to be a significant aspect of Karoo. Already very bhigh grades of Mo are indicated and now this...therefore sampling higher radiogenic material will underestimate the Mo potential.

    I have the utmost respect for Gus Simpson and the PEN team. Gus is open and has not once guilded the lily, or so much as told a white lie.

    Look forward to something quite big to be announced from Karoo IMO.

    And now for my little mind wandering dream....I am looking to now hold gold as an ETF and I hold gold stock. Would it not be soooo nice to see Raki Raki become an asset of value that PEN could take advantage of?

    Remember the ann stating PEN will seek to sell assets not aligned with the main goal being uranium and keep in mind Mo is a high value bi-product of U so I am not alluding to the sale of Karoo, although this could not be ruled out I sincerely doubt that would occur. I am referring to Raki Raki.

    As I said just a wee dream...

    Thanks to the poster who started the thread in the gold forum on this topic...

    "Analysts Predict Hyper-Inflation To Push Gold To $2000, Oil to $300 Within Months. Investors warn liquidation of assets and deflation is temporary calm before the storm

    Steve Watson
    Thursday, Nov 13, 2008

    Economic experts have predicted that rampant inflation caused by government stimulus packages will soon take hold of the economy and force precious commodity prices to all time highs.

    Johann Santer, MD at Superfund Financial Hong Kong told CNBC that he expects to see gold climb from its current position at $710 to a whopping $1500-$2000 an ounce within the next three months."

    Sorry for any typos, enjoying a nice top shelf Chivas or six atm :)

    Sweet dreams PEN pals ;)

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