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molopo trashes in listing

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    Molopo shares fell to a low of 5c today before clawing back to a miserable .053 today in late trade

    "We dont give a stuff, we've got the money" said Andrew Metcalfe, snorting a line of gas laden coke. "Our shareholder value means zip to us"

    Reports are that an agreement was signed with internet WanqBanq "Multiemedia" in a 2 stage 4 level agreement based on a reverse pyramid scheme.

    "you'll notice at the top of the pyramid is a picture of chewbacca" said Mr Metcalfe. "Now if you understand Oil, you will understand Chewbacca, and this MUST be a good investment opportunity" said Mr Metcalfe, shoveling wads of shareholder cash into his bulging pants

    Gas, reportedly existing SOMEWHERE in the Mungi gas field, continues to elude shareholders and profits seem to be non existent, but Mr Mitchell seems to not care none the less. "Are we in Gas?" Siad Metcalfe, "My butt is sore this week" clutching a life size blow up chewbacca doll.

    Reporters say that Mr Metcalfe and his team of bankers left the hotel after leaving a false credit card, trashed room and a heap of unsatisfied hookers in an economy suite.

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