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molopo getting butt raped by bulldogs

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    Molopo shares fell to a low of 5c today before claqing back to a miserable .053 today in late trade

    "We dont give a stuff, we've got the money" said Andrew Metcalfe, snorting a line of gas laden coke. "Our shareholder value means zip to us"

    Reports are that an agreement was signed with internet WanqBanq "Multiemedia" in a 2 stage 4 level agreement based on a reverse pyramid scheme.

    "you'll notice at the top of the pyramid is a picture of chewbacca" said Mr Metcalfe. "Now if you understand Oil, you will understand Chewbacca, and this MUST be a good investment opportunity" said Mr Metcalfe, shoveling wads of shareholder cash into his bulging pants

    Reporters at the event were treated to a light show courtesy of origin energy blah blah blah . . .
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