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    Sorry but I just had to post something on your technical comments.

    As you're a fundamentalist and if it's not too personal a question what would your average rate of return be pa?

    I have been a full time technical trader for many years and make it a point to not read company reports or associated press. Many of my trades I have absolutely no idea what the company even does and I prefer things that way. Yet I manage to be successful?

    Your post grabbed my attention instantly and got me quite curious as I know many traders both technically based and fundamentally based with the average return from the TAs by far outweighing the fundamentalists. These are people with enormous skill levels in their selective fields. Many of the FAs have been progressively converting or incorporating advanced technical techniques.

    I'm not anti FA by any means however I do feel the strengths of TA far outweigh the strengths of FA, the figures tend to support that. I've also had the FA versus TA debate with the best of them and yet to be proved wrong. Just curious as to what revelation you have that makes you so certain your opinion is the correct one?

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