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    Being a software developer, I have a keen interest in how desktop, mobile and web apps work. Given that I'm an investor in Mogul, I thought I would create a thread to share some technical analysis and observations I'm making across the journey for others to review and discuss.

    Please note that this will not be an exhaustive analysis. I will cherry pick points of interest. I will do my very best to be neutral. I'm happy to investigate questions people raise and provide evidence where possible. I'm gathering this data through Google Chrome Developer Tools and accessing the web app and watching the logged network traffic and gathering insight through the API requests/responses. I've had to obscure some data values as I don't wish to be identified in their user database. Any comments prefixed by "//" are my own comments within the code for the sake of illustration.

    With that being said. Let's see what's going on as at 14/02/2020. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    My first observation is the API is very comprehensive and well structured.

    It appears the API was built yesterday and interface was built today (may be skewed if represented as UTC dates). It's great to see such a fresh release. I'm curious to see over time how often they deploy releases.

    Observations of common API calls that occur right after logging in and accessing the main tournaments page.

    Some interesting data points that I couldn't map to the user interface. Perhaps they are features in the works (if anyone has any further insight feel free to let me know).

    I noticed there are additional streaming services that don't appear in my user interface. Perhaps support for and

    It's nice to see they support multiple wallet types (Razer Gold/Silver + Real and virtual currency).

    Now I thought I'd be cheeky and observe what happens when I attempt to access the Google Branded Hub. I still get the expected password protection in the user interface but I did see one call that gives us something to speculate over.


    That's all so far. I'll try to review each Friday and post up anything that catches my eye. Would love to see some discourse around the technical evolution of Mogul. Have a great weekend!
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