moet - help needed

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    G'day all,

    Small problem that I need some advice upon.

    Mrs G made a bet with a friend (it related to the price of CST but that's not the point). Unfortunately Mrs G lost the bet and now has to pay up.

    At stake was "A bottle of Moet, to be shared"

    An appropriate occassion to pay up occurs next weekend. I had a bit of a cursory investigation at the local bottle shop. To my dismay I discover that it is not as simple as "buying a bottle of Moet". There are apparently numerous options available, at varying prices.

    Part of the problem is that the lady on the other end of the bet is French and very used to the "good life".

    Advice needed on what is good value and appropriate. I'm sort of thinking under $200 or will even that be wasted? Starting price seems to be around $70.

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