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    In an attempt to clean up the site and make if the best place for traders to interact we need to set some sort of standards.

    Messages with the following charateristics will be flagged and moderated by the staff of The Financial Arena and community moderators. These message
    post behaviour may also result in the member being banned (although not permanent).

    Message Subjects:
    - any subject with a majority of the text in all capital letters Example: NEWS CORP READY TO RUN
    - any subject with excessive non alphanumeric characters example: >>>>>News Corp<<<<

    Message bodies:
    - any message what does not contain any text
    - any message that is intended to incite other members
    - repetitive message in response to yourself in an effort to keep your posts on the top of the most active list

    Any posts that gets moderated will be scrutinized by The Financial Arena staff. I don't want to implement a 'three strikes' and your banned policy but will be quicker in putting members in the sin bin to clean up the boards.

    I want to thank those who have put there hand up to moderate. Sometimes it is a thankless job but we are seeing the fruits of that effort in attracting both new members and back long standing members.

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