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    Re Post by Imperatore: Moderated

    I am probably going to get moderated or suspended for this post, but I fee that I need to say it.

    It is a shame that hotcopper rules and decisions by certain moderators cause posters to be inhibted in what they write.

    Of course, I agree that one should not use improper language on ANY public forum or threaten/intimidate another poster. However, some decisions by moderators border on being a little over the top.

    Posters on hotcopper are not kids. If someone disagrees passionately with something that I say, why shouldn't they be able tell me in a passionate way. I am not so thinned skinned that I will go away and cry. If I feel equally as passionate about the post, I am quite capable of giving as good as I get.

    You all know the old saying "sticks and stones will be break my bones, but................."

    Allowing passionate debate (keeping in mind the decency factor) can never hurt - in my opinion.

    I suspect that I will be suspended for this. If I do, so be it. All I have done is state something that I am passionate about.

    If I am not suspended, I want to thank the moderators/HC management for at least listening.

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