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MOB - Legal case - interesting position

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    I don't post often but MOB looks very interesting.
    The ASX announcements detail that there was a tiff with Vodafone and at end May MOB provided Vodafone with all the data related to this. This would have cost some money to compile and it would be unlikely that MOB would do this if they could not see a result.
    Note the comments that they seek to reach a commercial resolution.
    I can only interpret from this that they must be in a reasonably strong position. In their announcement, they stated that Vodafone had 6 weeks to respond before a court date was set.

    Today - MOB was sold down on small volumes and then towards the end of the session - buyers came in hard - Yes - they were low volumes but this has always been lightly traded with most of the shares with the owners.

    I can only surmise that there is a possibility that MOB may reach a favourable settlement - I would presume that this could be in the millions of $ (otherwise why waste the legal effort).

    The business itself appears to be trading profitably and any announcement of a positive commercial result with Vodafone could well lead to a major doubling of the stock.

    I hold MOB - I don't know any more than what I read in ASX announcements and looking at trading volumes.
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