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    The simplest form to establish a company‘s MC is to calculate it following the following formula: (Market capitalization) = (Cost per share) x (Number of shares.
    It seems it is somewhat difficult to establish MNS market cap over time and there might not even be a reliable chart available to show it at any given time in the past unless someone kept track of it or know where we can access a chart. In any case MC is changing constantly with daily SP movements as well as the issue of new shares.
    However I think the fact that the MNS SP hit a high of $1.12 and has dropped around 80% to today’s level is indisputable and it probably fair to say that this drop is not based on dilution. So what are plausible reasons based on Magnis. Comparing Magnis to other G stocks IMO doesn’t make a lote of sense, because they are all at different stages of development. So comparing SYR having an established and producing mine to Magnis with what they call a shovel ready resource with no finance to build it nor an up to date BFS or any binding offtake agreements is wasted time, especially when Magnis‘ attention is currently more set on building/developing worldwide Giga factories in the Lithium Ion Battery sector.

    So IMO seeing that Matt72 and boots want to give a voice to current holders and possibly want to convince possible future holders to jump in, I think it would be reasonable to ask them where they see possible reasons for the past drop in SP and why they think a bottom has been reached. The one challenge I see for them though, is the fact that they have constantly maintained for a year or two that the bottom has been reached and the turnaround was imminent. However we shouldn’t hold that against them, while they present plausible and acceptable reasons. After all they are big MNS holders and therefore will have done all the research and probably have very good and constant access to management in case they have additional clarifying questions.
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