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Whether I’m on ignore or not, you’ve made some fairly serious...

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    Whether I’m on ignore or not, you’ve made some fairly serious accusations against me that I should probably defend. Given you’ve had me on ignore all this time, I don’t see how you’re in a position to make them, since you’d have very little idea about what I’ve said in the time you’ve been ignoring my profile.

    I think most holders here will agree, whilst I ask plenty of questions of the company and the strategy, I do not remotely come close to defaming anyone, or the entity itself. Much of my favored discussion revolves around the technical side of things - price action and charts. I’ve said many times, I have no skin in the game here and I merely enjoy the discussion. It’s an interesting stock which i have made many predictions on, and I enjoy continuing to follow it and hold myself accountable to those predictions. I’ve gone as far as making bets with stockholders about price points, trend and direction of the SP (all in fun, of course).

    I suggest while you sit there complaining about what Mondrian has done, you don’t go ahead and replicate that behavior and throw wild accusations at someone whose posts you haven’t even been reading for the past 2 years.
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