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mkt cap still half of irms

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    The drilling will occur soon.

    Whats more important is the fundamentals at hand here -

    IRMs markert cap is circa 40mill

    Our market cap at 55 cents say is - 40mill*0.55= 22 mill

    So the VALUE of this company that the market is giving is HALF that or IRM!

    So from this perspective, if you want to take a very educated punt, whom would you put your money on??

    They both have similar announcements. They longer strike range in 1 of 3 from memory areas. We have a smaller strike range, but we got 4 areas and our grades are MUCH BETTER. 1 of 6 BIFS only looked at too. Our tenements are bigger too and right next to PMM which has very high grades and is producing. POL is in pre-feasability phase.

    Its still early days and surely more areas of potential mineralisation can be found via the gravity surveys/ongoing fieldwork??

    The grades are very high, mkt cap very low - so ive taken an educated 'punt'

    We need to be at $1 to be at IRMs mkt cap!!!!!

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