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    The only thing worse than people (at HotCopper) talking about you in compliments is people staying silent and not denigrating you.

    I find it fascinating to pop back every now & then to take in CSM's running H.C. commentaries.

    Similarly I find it sort of interesting that MK still owns one million one hundred thousand CSM shares according to Yahoo.

    but I've always had a sneaking suspicion this tit bit of info isn't up-to-date, at:-


    I wonder if MK has made it into the 500 richest list in Australia, yet? She who dies with the most jewels wins, they say. I personally hate jewels. I prefer LAND with panoramic views that can not be built out (my speciality btw) and plenty of curtilage between me and my neighbours.

    But will house prices hold for the next 3 years? To develop or not to develop that is the question?

    Whereas we know what will happen to the value of MINES in Australia, if China pops and experiences a capitalist recession.

    So will China build all those power stations (1 per week I think) and not go that one power station too far into over capitalising its heavy industry? Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Because I don't think I do (know what I'm talking about).....but then I hate being different to all the other experts.

    Oh, btw, I still would love to know if when MK left CSM and Management took $5million for pain & suffering, if the departure was terminatored with an "I'll Be Back"!

    But then what would the world really be like without its "Mings K. the Mercilesses"? Happy no doubt, and bored.
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