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    That announcement was reasonable. If it wasn't for one big seller in Perth (major shareholder who must be unhappy sold just under 5 million shares over the last 4 days) this stock would have been a lot higher. That announcement was the teaser as they really haven't announced much more than we already new apart than that the mine has a nine year mine life. However having Snowdens report now triggers the financing of the project which should be quite easy due to the low risk nature of the project. Financiers like to know that their money is not going into high risk projects.
    We also should be due for some further results from Riet River as it has been a couple of months since the last results.
    It was interesting to note that MJN are talking to the vendors of the Messina mine. Numerous scenarios pop into my head, maybe they can take some script instead of all cash or maybe they are talking to MJN about the other two mines that they own. Would like to see MJN geta another project or two to see a very nice solid producing company. It will make buying the stock at these levels look like a great investment.

    Happy trading and good luck
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