MJN - Tiger Ten

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    Well Tiger Ten reverting back to my original post which stated that unless MJN could close above 9.7c at the time from memory, it would retest the previous lows being 6.3c...........according to the charts.

    Amazingly we are retesting these lows now with MJN at 6.5c closing price today and very little buying support apparent.

    Well Mate!

    Time has proven the charts right on this occasion and you wealth of experience in developing mining projects wrong in assessing MJN position at that time in relation to stock value.

    However, your experience may in the end prove to be right for MJN, but you underestimate market sentiment which the charts reflect.

    In finalilty, lets hope MJN move up from here and regain some lost ground for investors, on a postive note there is a divergence on price and MacD in both the daily and weekly and if the projects in hand have true value, then in time you should see a gain in price to match value.

    However buying support in the short term appears to be truly eroded.

    The one thing that is never wrong in the market is the market and thats the current stock price!

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