GBG 0.00% 2.9¢ gindalbie metals ltd

missing the boat

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    imo this was a wake up call to all who havebeen complacent
    we all know how good the gbg story is !!
    all the bunnies caught without (shares will have to pay -up
    a day is a lifetime in this industry yesterdays scenario is
    very different .read some of yesterdays threads .
    the sceptics talking still about gbg testing the $1 barrier
    today others are saying will we hold .
    for what its worth imo the gbg train has left the station
    gbg will attract a lot of buying the iron ore sector is hotting up .
    imo opinion there will be a flurry of buying in the morning first hour I personally know in which directing is heading .
    do your own research im not a broker
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Currently unlisted public company.

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