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    missing linkman if you own imu you will need alot of patience; forget their chart because what will drive them is achieving milestones.
    the OGTR process is lengthy and dont expecta quick reply.
    i still think their lead product is the poultry and pig enhancer, having said that they have that many irons
    in the fire that good news on any will trigger a re rating of the SP
    eg RMT, prrs , h5n1 vac, merial deal ,flea vac, biomimic applications, rmt applications to new species, not to mention they have openly stated that they are negotiating with several multinational pharmacutical companies re licensing deals.
    THEY HAVE JUSt rauised 5 mil $ so you can rest assured they will have a few bob to keep going.
    they are not doing this for a hobby; the board owns 12% of the co. so its also in their interest to do well.
    they also would not employ new highly credentialed medicos on good salaries to sit around scratching their arsses and counting chooks rooot each other.
    hang in their
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