miracles work in strange ways

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    Miracles aint the way they used to be.

    In the old days, a sea would split, the sun would stop, the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.....anyone could tell a miracle when it occured.

    These days miracles don't occur so obviously.

    Most of you would know that the Jewish Passover is coming up shortly.

    Yeah we all heard about the ten plagues and how God took the Israelites out of Egypt etc etc....

    Egypt embodied total physical corruption, not too disimilar to what Saddam was doing in Iraq of late.

    The Egyptians had it in for the Jews big time....but they got repaid double big time when the day or reckoning came.

    The Nazis had it in for the Jews big time, but their day of reckoning came too.

    Now we witness this irrational maniac Saddam who's hatred for Israel was and is legendary.

    He shared no common borders with Israel, yet his hatred bordered on the irrational.

    We talk about weapons of mass destruction. Why, even those 350 odd suicide vests are in themselves WMD.

    How so?

    Apart from poisoning generations of Arabs with the idea that blowing one self up and taking the "infidel" enemy with them was an eternal act of glorification, 350 human bombs, each one capable of taking out 20,30,40 people plus hundreds more injured, if blown up at packed places would have resulted in the deaths of many thousands of people and injuries to tens of thousands of people.

    That to me in itself are WMD....not your conventional idea of WMD, but WMD none the less.

    The biggest mass destruction of course is the poisoned minds of generations of children had this kind of culuture been allowed to flourish.

    Not only was he about to launch this in his own country, but was paying a bounty of US$25,000 to Palestinians to do this to the Jews, thereby poisoning a generation or two of them as well.

    That is WMD....

    But coming back to the "miracle" component.

    What happened here? An implacable hater of Jews was taken care of....but in a humungus way.

    For what ever reason, the miracle was not dressed up as an obvious fact of a change or suspension in the laws of nature.

    Rather, god did it in a completely different way.........He was going to take care of the persecutors of his people, but not the way you would expect.

    He made sure that the very same person who was aiming to destroy Israel, would piss off other nations at the same time...but big time.

    At the same time another hater of Jews, also pissed off a great nation, one that has shown tolerance and benevolence to it's citizens, including Jews.

    This hater of Jews, also the hater of the US blew up the twin towers and did the biggest "pissing off act" of all time.

    This foul bastard opened Americas eyes. It's eyes were opened to the bullsh*it maquerading as the UN...

    It opened it's eyes to the bulls*hit of France....a country well known for it's blind eye policy to anti-semitism......

    It opened it's eyes to that other bastion of humanity......Russia (which worked with the Iraqis till the very last day)....also an anti-semitic regime

    And it opened it's eyes to the Germans......whose past will be enshrined for ever in the Anals of Humanity for their unparalleled acts of bestiality to the Jews and mankind.

    The USA with it's coalition did Gods work for him.......They destroyed Saddam and his regime.

    And worse still for the regime..........Iraq was the cradle of civilization.....yet look at them.

    Their museums with all their recorded history, pillaged....looted ........destroyed.....gone!.

    Their hospitals, their schools their vestiges of oppulance.................looted ....whatever.

    They got a taste of what happened to Jersusalem....when Nebuchadnezzer destroyed it.....pillaged it and burnt it to the ground.

    The diffence here is that outsiders pillaged Jerusalem.

    In Iraqs case it's very own citizens destroyed the history of its culture...............

    Almost another Sodom and Gemorrah?

    And the Jews? Israel was unscathed.....Again god took them in triumph............... out of Egypt.

    Saddam represented a spiritual personification of ........"Egypt".

    Once again, ten pagues were issued by god.......at the oppressors of his people.

    The war started on Purim..........another time when the Jews of the world was threatened...some 2,300 years ago......god intervened then too.

    God intervened now as well.......but only the blind or the non believers can not see it or do not recognize it.

    To me....it's as clear as day.....

    God works in strange ways. The message is loud and clear.

    Ahhh, this year the Haggada will be a pleasure to read at our Passover table.........

    L'shana Habah B'Yesrushalayim........A prayer we Jews have been saying at the end of our traditional Passover service...For the past 2,000 years.

    Next Year in ..............Jerusalem!

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