miracle escape from jet crash

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    OVER 300 people appear to have cheated death after a their jet plane skidded off a runway, fell apart and burst into flames after being struck by lightning on landing in Toronto.

    Two fireballs were seen coming from the plane when it lodged in a ditch at the end of the runway after landing in a thunderstorm at Pearson International Airport.
    Steve Shaw of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority said there were "no known fatalities" among the 297 passengers and 12 crew aboard the packed plane. All aboard were evacuated before the fire took hold, he said.

    Passengers were reported to be "running like crazy" from the scene of the crash.

    Huge clouds of black smoke and orange flames billowed from the fuselage. Firefighters sprayed foam over the wreckage to damp down the flames. Rescue workers got to the scene within 40 or 50 seconds, according to eyewitnesses.

    Air France and Canadian airport authorities have so far reported only 14 passengers sustaining minor injuries.

    The airline has been quoted as saying there were 297 passengers and 12 crew aboard.
    Thunderstorms create a higher threat of windshear, the violent and sudden draughts of wind that can pull an aircraft into the ground on takeoff or landing.

    The incident occurred when there were heavy thunderstorms across the region. The airport had suspended departures and arrivals for a while because of the storm.

    A witness, Corey Marks, told CNN he saw the jet land and get into trouble at about 4pm (6am AEST).

    "It was getting really dark and all of a sudden lightning was happening, there was a lot of rain coming down," he said.

    "And this plane - I didn't see the size of the plane but it was an Air France plane - came in on the runway. Everything looked and sounded good. It hit the runway nice and all of a sudden, we heard his engines backing up."

    Mr Marks said the jet "went straight into the valley and cracked in half. Whatever you're seeing now, you're probably seeing the back end of the plane because it's way down in there.

    "Two of us that were standing here, we were about to run over and try to help, but it went up in such flames." He said he saw two fireballs come from the plane.

    The Press Association said this was the first major incident involving the A340 since it came into service 11 years ago. It is one of the the world's most popular long-haul aircraft.

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