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    Unrest in the DRC

    Michael Quinn

    Friday, March 26, 2004
    A REPORT that says the village of Dikulushi in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was one of a number attached by tribal warriors last week doesn't appear to have unnerved investors in copper miner Anvil Mining.

    The Reuters report said the Dikulushi copper mine had continued to run normally despite attacks on villages in the general area by tribal Mai Mai that forced 1000 civilians to flee to neighbouring Zambia.

    The wire said that while the motive for the attack wasn't clear, Mai Mai warriors - "who fight with bows and arrows and believe charms can turn bullets into water" - have previously attacked villages in search of food.

    Anvil managing director Bill Turner told the incident was a "non event", and that the attacks were little more than a scuffle.

    Shares in the Toronto Stock Exchange-bound producer retreated slightly earlier this week but were up 2 cents to 57 cents in afternoon trade.

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