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    A very interesting piece found by..
    ....c/o SpikeyDT(thanks Spike!)

    There have been some significant technological advancements in the field of exploration which are already transforming the discovery process from what many investors once viewed as little more than a ?hit and hope? exercise, into something more demonstrably methodical and predictable. And those with the wisdom to embrace these new methodologies will also be looking to employ the latest technology to maximise project economics by enhancing production levels and recovery rates.

    The relentless global expansion of recent decades has also taken its toll on the world?s resources, which means that those on the trail of major new discoveries now need to work that much harder and search more innovatively than ever before. It also takes a fair degree of courage to be willing to venture into ever more challenging operational environments.

    This applies most critically to the search for new oil and gas resources, where higher oil prices are now supporting the investment case for quality prospective exploration projects. But to rise to such a challenge and win investor support, a very special combination of qualities and skills will be required.....
    read more... http://bit.ly/qViToZ

    {..every stock that I have invested in is down about 15% -25% from recent highs and down again today!
    This, surely is a good indication of the tremendous interest shown in RMP/RRS?
    With all the assets in four parts of the globe(RRS), it really doesn't matter how the markets perform, providing there is not a 'market crash' of major proportions? AND, even if there was, RMP/RRS would be one of the first to make a quick recovery! Recession proof?....imo
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