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mining in the solomons

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    John Howard must feel like God almighty. Fuelled by abject ignorance at home and the absence of a credible opposition, no casualties from a hyped up role of diggers who basically according to American reports "actually remained behind enemy lines at all times" unlike the reports of heroic exploits fed by a compliant media.

    Add to that the sychophantic attitude of Australians towarsds their Americans counterparts only rivalled by Phillipino sychophancy which included an offer to incorporate their country into the US, and you have the fuel for an arrogance born out of ignorance. if Howards wife were not so ugly he would have asked her to bend over for the troops as well.

    The troop deployment to the Solomons is yes to an extent a welcome thing to do. But what is the real reason? I suspect the obnoxious South African mining lobby that exists here. Chicken run aways now settled in Australian who seek to take over the Ridge, the Gold mine that had to be aborted and then move to the others like they did with the failed bid for Bouganville.

    I certainly hope what we are hearing and not being told iby the Australian government does not come true. The Bouganvillians who are Solomon Islanders themselves (although not politically or legally so) have vowed to fight to maim and not only kill any outsider who comes in to 'settle old scores'.

    Australia is seen as being primarily responsible for the misery that was Bouganville for over a decade using PNG soldiers to carry out their dastardly deeds.

    Anyone who thinks these people are fools need only consider that by any standards, Bouganvillians have a higher IQ than most other human beings according to a study carried out by Stanford scientists in 1990.

    Having lived with them I would rule nothing out. One merely has to go back to what Francis Ona and others in the BRA and now the rebels (all trained by Australians then later clandestinely by Chinese and Israelis), have said in various media interviews both in Australia and PNG.

    "They will neither forget nor forgive Australia's part in their misery". In fact if the truth be known, Australian aid managers are totally responsible for the corruption and the ensuing chaos in these countries.

    God save these soldiers, because nothing else can save them.

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