mining coy's digging up town centres, houses

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    sounds ludicrous to most of us, for eg a place called Acland in Qld, the miners want to dig up the centre of town, and move the town memorial....(have not found this article in the print media...whats new, they are always silent on important subjects, but you will find allan jones interviews and comments on radio 2gb about it, you need to listen to see how ridicuous it has gone)

    similar open slather is rampant in nsw and vic....
    with state govnuts giving mining companies an open book,
    raping our food bowls, and prime agriculture land...
    they also wanted to dig up the showgrounds in Toowoomba, where they held a mining expo yesterday...
    In the case of Toowoomba, Civil and Mining Resources had applied for a lease to explore for coal in seams running under the rangetop city, 125km west of Brisbane. Locals said it was a development too far, and opposed the application.
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    Yesterday, the Queensland government backed them. Mines Minister Stirling Hinchliffe declared that the proposal was a "speculative" bid over urban areas and would not be approved
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