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It is permissible to disagree, but but muddying in the waters is...

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    It is permissible to disagree, but but muddying in the waters is another story, particularly when you claim to be a professional in the field you are throwing numbers at. The claim before this most recent one was effectively that total OPEX was under-called by 50% at a minimum because in you had claimed the "real" strip ratio was much larger than announced, thereby inflating the mining OPEX 4x. Twice you've called out these mining numbers to dubiously different degrees in either an attempt to discredit or deceive. Using the wrong calculation in this most recent example could easily mislead people who wouldn't know better and I put it your credibility as to whether you either really are a mining engineer who knows what they are doing or you are someone being deceptive. In the event you made an honest make, I certainly apologise for any mis-accusation.

    For a 3:1 strip ratio, 4 tonnes of material are moved in total (1 ore, 3 waste); 8:1 is 9t. Therefore scaling up costs is 9/4 x cost per t ore at a simplistic level.
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