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    New age chicanery

    by Skylark @ 7:58 pm.

    Well I know that we are being swamped with political correctness but I wonder if the greatest tsunami of deception unleashed on Western society for the past few decades is that of New Age thinking. It is amazing how pervasive it is. Have you noticed all the shops lately offering mind-body-soul treatment or healing? This can involve crystals, reiki, reflexology, yoga, tarot cards, clairvoyancy, iridology and you can even pay people hundred of dollars to learn to sit still and meditate. It all boils down to producing an altered state of consciousness and if you can do that you are on your way to ÔenlightenmentÕ and finding the god or the goddess within. Well if people want to pay a lot of money, they can hear all this and more from the Mind-Body-Soul Festival (17-20 November 2005 at Darling Harbour in Sydney) - one of the topics is ÔFeng Shui challenges in your bathroomÕ . I know you all must worry day and night about this. Have a look at the site and the topics listed toward the bottom of the page.


    This must be a great money spinner and a great trap for the unwary and those genuinely seeking some meaning in life. Apart from the lies at the basis of this charlatanism is the particularly frequent insistence that there is no difference between the new age way of seeing the world and the Judeo-Christian one. This is just plain manure (organic of course) as there are very fundamental differences that cannot be reconciled by any logical person. The new agers say Ôall is oneÕ and Ôall is godÕ and Ôhumanity is godÕ. This is totally at odds with the Western tradition of thinking that distinguishes between different things (some of our greatest thinking in science is based on this), says that there is a distinction between the creature and the Creator and that we definitely are not god. The new-agers are pantheists and the Judeo-Christians are monotheists. One does not have to have the brains of a theological Einstein to see that there is a difference. But the new-agers ignore subtle little points like this and then go on to say Ôall religions are oneÕ (tell that to the Muslims) and that we are moving to a new cosmic wonderful age (along the lines of ÔThe age of AquariusÕoptimism). Well it appears that new agers think that man is evolving into god but others have their doubts. I guess if you had an extended psychic reading for $70 at the Mind Body Soul Festival I suppose you could find out all that is going to happen and not worry any more.


    The point I am getting at is - if this Ôaltered state of consciousnessÕ is the aim of all this new age explosion - then this is an attack on thinking itself. One can have various political and religious viewpoints on things - but one characteristic of the West has been the debate, analysis and thought on these subjects. New agers are anti thought - theyÕre for feelings alone - and I donÕt need tarot cards or a psychic to tell me that if this pervades society we are in a bad way indeed.

    Well off to my politically incorrect meat and vegies for dinner . Then I'll check the feng shui vibes in my bathroom.

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