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    i been at work all day so couldnt reply to the return comments on my osh post.

    funny that some still keep saying that osh is undervalued, they have been saying this since when it was 70 cents and i have posted my view which was the opposite. overvalued.

    the thing has fallen another 15% since then and yet they keep saying it.

    Gee lads admit you have been very wrong and most of you post the undevalued speil because you want to give yourself comfort.

    I been in this game a long time.

    Yes ok i admit osh will be above the current price one day but the way i like to invest is buy as close to the low as possible not buy high and hold waiting for it to go back to where i bought.

    It seems no one is big enough to admit that i have been right for awile now on osh so it appears i have been wasting my time trying to put an objective view to its value so as of now i will not bother useing my time to post on it anymore.

    Do what you want with it from now i will block all osh posts, good luck with it , i will do my purchasing silently when i am beleive it represents value to me buy my own process.

    Just for the record i am still holding my 38 thousand profit in mim and have not yet sold.
    i will continue to hold until closer to the vote date meanwhile reading all the rumours/hopeful posts and unhopeful posts.

    Then i will make a decision on what to do.
    As of tonight i will not bother posting on anything anymore because i think i am wasting valuable time.

    I wish you all good luck with your current and projected holdings .


    good hunting
    cheers dave
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