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    Took me some time to put this info together so enjoy the details. It's a shallow well, as far as I care so shouldn't take long to TD on a trouble free basis.

    Basically Samo-1 sits in 1000m of water, before they tag the seafloor and set a conductor casing (36 or 30" dia pipe) & then drill to proposed TD of (?)3100m (ie 2100 of rock cuttings & half of them aren't worth bagging).

    Over that 2100m drill section they stop & run different diameter of Casing string which r cemented & pressure tested before drilling on to ensure safe Operations. Basically the wellbore diameter shrinks as they drill deeper from tagging the seafloor towards TD (eg: 8.5").

    As CN said in the recent Syd conf. they spudded on Tuesday 23rd of Oct. It is now day 17.

    For now if u look at SNE-4, 5, 6 as a rough guideline, these were appraisal wells drilled by Drillship's not a Semi-sub & had earlier appraisal wells as a guide. So these were drilled, logged pretty fast. Testing took time though.

    Athena drilled SNE-4 & it was TD'd & logged in 24 days plus 21 days of testing etc. Total 45 days.

    Last year in Jan, Stena spudded SNE-5 & it was all over in 13 plus 8 days, ie 21-22 days to log post TD with another 23 days used for the Interf'nc Testng. Total 45 days till end of Testing.


    Back to y'r question where I've patiently collated & pieced this puzzle over the years using info released by the CNE & FAR and using SNE-1 discovery well which used the 'Cajun Express' semi-sub in 2014.

    - They set the conductor &
    - then drilled 26" dia section,
    - set 20" casing,
    - drilled the 17.5" section (in 13 days),
    - set 13" csg at 2400m (in 18 days),
    - drilled the 12.25" section into the 400 sands (21 days) &
    - then ran wireline logs, took fluid samples
    - set the 9" casing at 2790m (apprx 33 days)
    - drilled thro' the Carbonate section till 3107m (or 3085m s/s depth),
    - Logged it & did P&A (total 45 days).

    We know that overall SNE-1 had apprx gross 203m HC column which included 107m gross (19m net) gas column & 96m gross (30m net) oil. GOC was 2585m & OWC was 2681m tvd s/s which explains why they drilled & set 9" casing past the lower 500 sands which were 38m thick but water bearing,

    CN mentioned that the OWC is same at Samo, as was seen at SNE. However, they expect the Gas sands from SNE to dip into the oil leg. That's what Samo is all about.
    I have to crash now, sorry abt any typo's. Hope this helps.
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