I agree. The State is quite likely to extend its wealth...

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    I agree. The State is quite likely to extend its wealth redistribution program by plundering inherited estates.

    One of the fears of the State, I believe, is that large sections of the productive class will emancipate themselves from the State by becoming financially independent of it.

    When wealth is bequeathed to our children, it makes their quest for independence that much more achievable; and the State's enslavement by poverty program that much less encompassing.

    If anybody wishes to donate their estate to a charity of the State's choice, then they have every right to do so. And likewise, if others decide to retain their life's savings within their own family, then likewise, they ought to have every right to do so.

    But, if we do not have the right to choose to do with our estates as we wish, then we should ask this solemn question: Do we really own all that we have, or is the State the real owner?

    Think on these things.
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