milk powder shortage

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    watso prefers milk powder for his coffee, or when mixing with soup.

    increasingly watso has noticed that the product is always out of stock - and wondered why... well, it seems that the chinese are buying up heaps of milk powder

    Empty shelves of milk powder. Strong demand from overseas. Limited supply in Australia. This whole hunger for milk powder is no longer just an economic question, but a mirror that reflects serious social problems.

    The demand of milk powder is largely from China’s domestic market.

    hopefully dairy farmers make a motza from selling to the chinese

    from another link

    New Zealand signed a bilateral free trade agreement with China in April, 2008 – the first FTA China has signed with any developed country.

    New Zealand dairy exports to China since a free trade deal was signed have increased tenfold and are now worth more than A$5bn.

    By comparison, Australian dairy exports to China were worth A$450m in 2013.
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