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    You gold bugs are always predicting the big global economic trainwreck that will send gold sky high. Profits to boot. Clean up big time. Come on train. The US appears to be the greatest threat to your predictions as it, along with most other developed countries, dismissing the importance of gold in the global economy.

    Is global economic ruin the same as global war? Is it worse than massive bomb attacks? Probably worse, total massive hardship on a global scale.

    Do you wish this to happen? Do you support a cataclysm that could be equal or greater than any massive bomb attacks?

    It would hurt the most vunerable the most.

    If not, then why abandon all reason in your attack on the US and its allies? When confronted with any reasonable appraisal of the situation you revert to cartoons and grubby insults. You can never answer a direct question with a clear answer.

    When will you stop lying?
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