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    Australia U.S. Firefighters Down Under

    The Australian State of Victoria, during late 2002 and
    early 2003, endured its worst fire season since 1939. The 20 year average for acres burned in Victoria is approximately 170,000 acres. This fire season
    the acreage burned will exceed 3,300,000 acres, 40 times their 20 year average.

    Responding to the increasing fire situation, the State of
    Victoria called on assistance from five other Australian
    states and New Zealand.

    On January 16, Victoria requested assistance from the United States. This request, which was based on an
    agreement between the U.S. Departments of
    Agriculture and Interior and five Australian states,
    represented the first time that Australia had ever
    requested U.S. firefighting assistance. The U.S.
    had requested assistance from Australia during the
    2000 and 2002 fire seasons.
    The fire of major concern was located in the
    Alpine region of the State of Victoria. Parts of the
    fire extended into the State of New South Wales.
    It began with several small lightning fires which
    eventually burned together to cover an area of
    over 2.5 million acres within Victoria. The three
    largest fires in the U.S. during the 2002 fire
    season, the Hayman in Colorado, the Rodeo-Chedeski
    in Arizona, and the Biscuit in Oregon
    would easily fit within the perimeter of the
    Australian fire.
    The State of Victoria requested 36 firefighters and
    one infrared aircraft. The firefighters represented
    the five major federal land management agencies
    responsible for fire management in the U.S. The
    first firefighter departed the U.S. on January 18.
    The last firefighter and the infrared aircraft
    arrived back in the U.S. on March 2.
    Assignments averaged approximately 30 days.

    The firefighters did a variety of tasks including
    constructing fireline, burning out unburned fuels,
    mopping up, managing portions of the fire, and
    providing infrared information to fire planners. All
    firefighters returned home safely with only one
    minor injury occurring during the entire
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