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mike west tries a piece of humble pie

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    Sounds as though Michael West has read Phil Sullivan's email sent to investors and sharholders yesterday threatening legal action. In this morning's Age, while not mentioning City Pacific, he appears to be backing off and trying to cover his arse.

    Take the last two paragraphs for example:

    "The media also can take a slice of blame for whipping up fear and hysteria. Fair cop there, we're prone to a beat-up.

    Someone has to tell the story, though. And again, if the commentators are wrong, they are not hiding behind nominee bylines. Further, if they are wrong, it will have but a slight effect on the share price."

    There you go... but he's wrong again. His vitriolic pen has had a major effect on CP's share price. He is like a naughty child who, when realising he has gone too far, cunningly accepts the blame then tries to spread it around and, at the same time, says, "anyway, no harm done."

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