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    re: MIK -Transcore connection?- Transcore announce Jwt. I think we can take this as confirmation. Transcore announced today the release of the new:

    eGo tamper-resistant windshield sticker tag

    Expect an announcement from MIK tomorrow.


    TransCore's eGo Products Put Electronic Toll Collection and Vehicle Registration in High Gear
    Lower Cost, Flexibility Opens Opportunities for New Applications Requiring High-Volume Tag Distribution

    SAN FRANCISCO, International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association 70th Annual Meeting, Sept. 23, 2002 – TransCore unveils two members of its innovative eGo™ product family to the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). The eGo tamper-resistant windshield sticker tag and the eGo 2200 Series readers are radio frequency identification (RFID) products that enable electronic toll collection (ETC) and electronic vehicle registration (EVR), which require high volume distribution of RFID tags to many drivers.

    The eGo product is distinctive because it is the first single chip passive tag that has been fully qualified to meet the rigorous performance demands for toll collection applications, including open road tolling. The eGo tag can be produced at a cost low enough to fuel widespread adoption, and the 2210 reader is designed to work both with tags already in use as well as eGo tags, easing migration of existing tag user populations to the new tag technology. This opens the door to new business models for open road tolling and mCommerce that were previously impossible. The low cost of the eGo tags can also speed the expansion of motorists’ use of electronic toll collection, penetrating the population of toll road users who currently do not use RFID tags to pay for tolls.

    For public safety, the automation of vehicle registration compliance and enforcement can benefit agencies by freeing up manpower from labor-intensive work so resources can be directed to more important law enforcement tasks. Implementation of EVR has previously faced the barrier of RFID tags costing between $17 and $55. But, based on volume and performance requirements, the eGo windshield sticker tag can be priced under $10, enabling its distribution on a large scale to all registered motor vehicles in a state. Law enforcement agencies could use RFID readers to screen traffic, automatically identifying vehicles that are compliant or non-compliant with federal or state registration regulations. TransCore's eGo RFID hardware products can be integrated with processing systems for automation of enforcement actions and violation processing for non-compliant vehicles, similar in concept to camera enforcement.

    "The eGo product line offers lower cost hardware and system flexibility with the goal of implementing new applications and increasing the number of people and agencies benefiting from the convenience of RFID applications," said TransCore's CEO John Worthington. "We are taking a proven technology used today by millions and making it accessible to even more people and applications."

    About the eGo Windshield Sticker Tag and 2200 Series Readers

    The eGo windshield sticker tag is a paper-thin, RF-programmable, battery-free tag that operates in the 915 MHz range. The flexible, tamper-resistant sticker tag is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, sunlight, humidity and vibration. For added safety, the tag can include custom control numbers as well as markings can be etched on the outside of each tag.

    The eGo 2210 reader (39.4 x 39.4 cm) is an integrated, dual-protocol reader capable of reading a range of both conventional ETC transponders and eGo tags. It can be configured to read tags with 64-bit tag ID or 1024 bit memory. The reader can also read ATA-compliant (American Trucking Association) and ISO-compliant (International Standards Organization) RFID tags. The reader was designed to help RFID system operators easily migrate an existing tag population to the newer tag technology. The eGo 2201 reader has the same physical and performance specifications of the 2210, but is a single protocol reader of eGo tags. Both readers operate in the 915 MHz range and are designed for use with an external antenna. The readers include an RF module, digital signal processor, power supply, external antenna connector, I/O ports and serial communications interface. The eGo 2210 and 2201 are designed to work in conjunction with any of TransCore’s antennas. A tailored lane-based, overhead installation, utilizing either reader and the AA3152 universal toll antenna (UTA) enables reliable operation for reading vehicles traveling at speeds up to 100 mph. Read range varies according to lane and antenna configuration. Both readers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration. RS-232 with Wiegand or RS-422 with Wiegand-compatible protocol interfaces are available.

    Availability and Price

    The windshield sticker tags and readers are available now, and are currently being deployed internationally. The eGo 2201 will be available for shipment in December 2002. Equipment pricing is based on volume, packaging and performance requirements, and transponders can be priced under $10 per tag.

    About TransCore

    TransCore is a privately held transportation services company with 1,700 employees and more than 80 locations throughout the world. With installations in 39 countries, 80-plus patents and a world-class manufacturing facility, TransCore's expertise in providing system-based applications that improve transportation efficiency is unparalleled. For more information, visit www.transcore.com.

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